Sunday, June 20, 2010

Monticello, Florida: Melon Run 5k 2010

Stephen, Jacob and their cousin, Nick, ran in the Monticello, Florida Watermelon 5K Run on Saturday. The hills were steep, the weather was HOT and the boys were worn out after the race (well, Stephen and Nick anyway). All in all, this was one of Stephen's worst races and one of Jacob's better races. It was Nick's first race.

Stephen finished 2nd in his age group behind one of the Harrises from Bainbridge. He was sixteenth overall and his time was 20:40. But his finish is not what made it a bad race for him. Coming up the last hill his face was white as a sheet and it took him a long time to recover. He later told me he almost stopped running when he saw how steep the last hill was. He puked his guts up, but so did a number of the other top finishers. I attribute his difficulties to the heat and the fact that they haven't been running as often as they were several months ago.

When Jacob finished the race he looked like he could run another mile or so. I don't know if this means he isn't running the races as fast as he can or if he just gets into a groove and can sustain it for long periods of time. Jacob finished 113th out of 283 in a time of 28:24.

Nick beat 38 people in his first race. He finished with a time of 43:44. Not bad for a first timer. A haircut and a little more practice and he should move into the top half of the runners. I got some of the pictures below from Fred Deckard's Picasa page. There are a lot more pictures of the race on there. Check out the pictures:
A little pre-race warm-up
Can you see Jacob's head poking up over that Mustang?

That last hill almost did Stephen in.

Here comes the Jake up the hill.

Here comes Nick up the hill.
You can see Papa coming up the hill on the left.