Sunday, May 15, 2011

Milner, Georgia Tornado Relief

The Tallahassee Florida Stake was asked to send 50 workers to Milner, Georgia last weekend (May 13-15). Our job was to help clean up the mess made during the wave of tornadoes that ripped through the south two weeks earlier. I think around 64 people ended up going from our Stake.

Our crew (Jason, Tyler, Gabriel, Stephen, myself, Killian Jaynes and Brother Jaynes) spent most of the first day cleaning trees off a family's home, and out of their yard.When we first arrived at the home only the husband and his wife were out in the yard trying to pick up debris. When we asked them if they could use some help they both started to tear up. This is a picture of the husband.As we got out of the truck to start to work we looked up the street to see a wave of trucks and vans full of yellow shirted Mormons with wheel barrows, chain saws, axes and other yard clearing tools.Half a day later most of the debris had been either cut and hauled to the street or stacked for firewood. The family was very appreciative. We finished the first day clearing debris away from another home in the same area.On Sunday we had an early morning Sacrament Meeting. President Burton presided. Killian helped prepare the Sacrament and Stephen, Tyler and Gabe got to pass the Sacrament to the 60 or so people who attended. The Spirit was strong at the meeting. Thomas Smith and a fellow I don't know from another ward bore their testimonies.

After the short meeting, we went to work clearing what seemed to be a mile or so long fence line. With so many workers, we were able to finish our assignment earlier than expected and were able to leave for home before noon.

Just an observation: Don't tell me miracles don't happen. With all those people (chainsawers and haulers) working in such close proximity to one another it was a miracle nobody was cut or had a tree fall on them. I saw several instances where real harm could have occurred, but didn't.

Enjoy this slideshow of pictures: